Boston Artists for Ukraine

Two-day pop-up exhibition

Saturday, May 21 & Sunday, May 22, 2022

The exhibition is now available for viewing online:

Please join us on May 22nd, starting at 4 pm, at the Wedeman Gallery at Lasell University for a fundraising exhibition reception and speaker event – Boston Artists for Ukraine. The exhibit will feature 33 local area artists of different origins and backgrounds, currently residing in the Greater Boston area. For the theme of the exhibition the artists were asked to present pieces that reflect their thoughts about the ongoing war in Ukraine, as well as their reflections on ideas of hope, peace, compassion, solidarity. Donations and proceeds from artwork sales will be going to help the people in Ukraine and refugees.

During the reception, from 5 to 6 pm, there will be a speaker and music event featuring local and national nonprofit, grassroots organizations that are doing humanitarian and medical work in Ukraine and at the border. The organizers and volunteers will be sharing their stories and experiences, as well as providing information on how the visitors can contribute and donate to their mission in Ukraine.

Some of the organizations that will be featured at the event include:
Cash for Refugees –
Global Disaster Relief Team –
Ukraine TrustChain –

Participating Artists:
Alexander Zvagin

Alexander Gassel
Alexandra Rozenman
Alisa Rodny
Alla Lazebnik
Dina Chapeau

Deborah Baldizar
Donni Richman
Emmanuelle Le Gal
Inna Zhukovsky-Zilber
Irina Sigalovsky
J. Alice Sipple
Jinny Sagorin
Katya Roberts

Katya Apekina

Luna Gomberg
Lisa Granata
Lyasya Sinkovski
Lyudmila Mayorska Hoffman
Margo Lemieux
Marina Rakhlin

Masha Guinsburg

Margo Clenow
Natasha Dikareva
Ola Aksan
Olga Geyyer
Olya Ledis
Peter Stringham
Rita Aris
Ronni Komarow
Sasha Kuznetsova
Sveta Yuzhelevskaya
Stephen Fischer
Victoria Tentler Krylov
Vladimir Zimakov
Yuliya Doshen
Yulia Dumov
Zoe Paschkis


The musical portion of the event will include traditional Ukrainian songs and original compositions by Slava Tolstoy and Misha Shirpal.

This event is free and open to the public.

In addition to the reception on Sunday, the exhibition will be on view on Saturday, May 21, from 1 to 5 pm.

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