Student Art Award Showcase/Graphic Design Senior Practicum Exhibit/Sydney Eggsware – Mindgames

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday, April 28, 3 – 4 pm

The Wedeman Gallery features an exhibition of artwork by the students listed below. Some of the best drawings, paintings, prints and 3-D pieces are selected from each Fine Arts class that the University offers. The award ceremony takes place during Lasell’s Spring Connected Learning Symposium Showcase.

  • Regan Atchue
  • Erin Houlihan
  • Jamie Kinteris
  • Francesca Bonanno
  • Melanie Vrabel
  • Kassandra Fisher
  • Jaylin Brown
  • Sarah Lapierre
  • Hazel Nichol
  • Eliara Rodriguez
  • Clara Tonucci
  • Sydney Eggsware
  • Sarah Lano
  • Aster Kallman
  • Sophia Franzik
  • Alexis Kallicharan
  • Kerrie Bennett
  • Andrew Cellucci
  • Anna King
  • Emmanuella Brempong
  • Lacey Bocanegra
  • Chloe Kinteris,
  • Lilly Hoeninger
  • Elise Stanbury
  • Jade Diaz
  • Jenna Robinson
  • Samantha Sposito
  • Haylee Skoog
  • Gabriel Mejia
  • Annarita Sanfilippo
  • Alyssa Ciccarelli
  • Shaye Lyn Schneider
  • Matthew Barron
  • Rachel Shepard
  • Rachel Mazur
  • Angela DeFelice
  • Elena Iannone
  • Mera Veza
  • Madalyn Scully
  • Tran Quoc Huy Le
  • Erin Tilley

Thursday, April 28, 4 – 6 pm

This will be a presentation of the senior practicum projects and a celebration of program completion for Graphic Design Seniors. The work will be large projects that showcase the designers’ accumulated skills and artistry.

Student Presenters: Trent Barker, Lacey Bocanegra, Francesca “Frankie” Bonanno, Alexis Kallicharan, Anna King, William “Billy” Langer, Emily Manzi, Brianna Ricker, Jenna Robinson, Oumar Sokhna, Terrence Theus, Cheyanne Thistle

Sunday, May 1st, 12 to 2 pm

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