Hopscotch: an Art Exhibition and Poetic Performance

October 5 – 29, 2022

Opening Reception and Performance – Sunday, October 16, 4 to 6 pm

UPDATE: The exhibition is now available to be experienced in a virtual format:

Hopscotch Virtual Exhibition

Hopscotch a Poetic Performance: Art, Poetry, and Vibes are on Sunday, October 16, from 4-6 pm on the Family, Friends, and Alumni weekend at Lasell University. This catered event will be led by our emcee/DJ for the evening, Caleaf Sellers ‘aka Big Leaf’ with in-person poetic performances by accomplished poets Liza Zayas aka Luna del Flor, Nancy Agabian, and Celeste Nazeli Snowber on-screen from British Columbia, Canada. After enjoying these lyrical talents of our poets, each vibrant Artist shares more on their pieces with their distinctive voice and style in Hopscotch. The improvisational performances, poetic readings, and artist talks await; Art and words get inside of you; we are ready to play, representing the idea only on stage or playing are we ever genuinely unified. Since art-making is personal with a clear, rare voice, we hope we achieve that balance in Hopscotch of learning, experiencing, and pushing ourselves to reach for more through language, travel experiences, and the written word. More Hopscotching to come.

Hopscotch, layered with meaning, is imbued with physicality, psychology, entertainment, and challenge. This multimedia exhibition marks the grid in a child’s game of Hopscotch as a starting point. It quickly diverges into various topics, including play, gender, mathematics, philosophy, literature, and art history. Extending across cultures, continents, and time, hopscotch imagery was discovered on painted grey ware in Ancient India. Also, it has been reported to have been used as endurance training for soldiers in the Roman Empire. The exhibition plays Hopscotch by evoking movement and conveying a sense of passing through geographical areas or fields of endeavor.

The exhibition features work by multimedia/mixed media/visual artists:

Jennifer Jean Okumura, Tina Chakarian, Susan Denniston, Marsha Nouritza Odabashian , Marlon Forrester, Jennifer Liston Munson, Erik Grau, Arevik Tserunyan, Celeste Nazeli Snowber, Nancy Agabian

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