Annee Spileos Scott/Alla Lazebnik: Intersections

November 15 – December 10, 2016

Artists’ Reception – Sunday, November 20th, 5 – 7pm.

Artist statements:

Annee Spileos Scott – Fueling Consumption: China’s New Silk Road

In my new installation our Eastern Hemisphere is reimagined as a silk orchard. The forty foot long wall series of handmade scrolls are created with oil based inks printed on rice paper purchased in China with collage. The scrolls double as a map of the Old and New Silk Roads, expressing China’s new vision for the twenty first century.

In 2014 I had the honor of teaching at the Shandong University as part of the Global Lasell College Educational Partnership program. In my quest to discover a bridge to connect me with the Chinese art students, I realized our ancestors shared the continent of Asia. This work is a cross pollination of the ancestral work I have created from Asia Minor with inspiration and research from my travels to China.

Alla Lazebnik – Moments in Time

Moments in Time is a series of woodcuts that show important moments captured from my life. Using woodcuts as a media gives somewhat of an unpredictable result. The wood itself by carving it provides unexpected depth to the piece as it chips and breaks as it sees fits the image.

When the plate is printed, it appears differently when you first began since some parts may appear to be darker than originally planned. The woodcut translates an image by giving it more air and volume as it allowed me to focus on textures and feelings that were important. By focusing on feelings and emotions, it lets the viewer connect to their own special memories in life.



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