January 24 – February 11, 2017

Artists’ Reception: Sunday, January 29, 4-6 pm

Featuring work by:
Gail Erwin, Samantha Fields, Deborah Klotz,
Janet Kawada (Curator), Hilary Tolan

As artists we are always looking around at the world trying to bring that image in our mind or our eye to life through line, mass, light, sound. We sift through materials and ideas to bring our vision to life. In the back of our mind is the question: is it something?

Like an archeologist who sifts through the dirt seeking an image of history to bring to life, an artist is constantly looking intently at the world around them to portray a feeling or vision. It may not seem easy to access at first. The interpretation of the data and translation of the form may not be obvious in the beginning. But with perseverance and imagination the viewer can engage in a conversation with the work.

The artists in this show all work with this in mind. Each person perceives the world in their own way. At first glance the materials that they use may seem arbitrary. But by spending a little time studying the pieces, the viewer will understand that it is indeed something.


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