Amalgamation: Musa Collective

January 22 – February 16, 2019

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 26, 4 – 6 pm

Participating Artists: Roya Amigh, Nina Bellucci, Ryan Boutin, Niels Burger, Erik Grau, Erika Hess, Marta Kaemmer, Kathleen Kennedy, Alla Lazebnik, Elizabeth Mooney, Noah Sussman, Elizabeth Thatch, Julia von Metzsch, and Crislin Waldman
Musa Collective is an artist run gallery whose mission is to create a dialogue between artists and the Boston arts community. Each of its members is a practicing artist with a similar educational background, a full-time job, or multiple jobs, and often a family to support. Through active participation in monthly exhibitions and artist talks, each member provides unique support to the group.
This January marks our two-year anniversary since inception, and the first two years were very exciting for us. Each member organized, hung, and promoted a solo exhibition, and with feedback from the group, gained a new understanding of their individual practice. As we enter our third year, we continue to expand our understanding of the collective’s purpose. The show will focus on the idea that there are advantages to working as a group, including having more resources and in effect, a larger audience. As a result, preparations for “Amalgamation” will force us to address such questions as “How do we work more efficiently as a group?” and “What, if anything, do we want to say?”. The artwork that will be on display will have been created within the last year in order to showcase the connectedness between our own works and the improvements made within our individual practices as a result of working together.


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