WELLNESS: Art for Physical and Emotional Healing

October 9 – 27, 2018

Artists’ Reception: Saturday, October 20, 6 – 8 pm


Participating Artists: Linda Clave, Anita Helen Cohen, Marian Dioguardi, Dianne (Iyan) Freeman, Francis Gardino, Lynda Goldberg, Pauline Lim, Nhung Mackey, Nadia Parsons, Ruth Rieffanaugh, Ruth Segaloff, Diane Sheridan, Christine Winship, and Ellen Zellner.
Art has been shown to help with both physical and emotional healing as well as preventative measures against certain health risks. By nature, human beings strive for good health of both mind and body for themselves but also for those around them. This exhibition explores how and why we strive to achieve and maintain personal wellness and yet still, sometimes, fall short of attaining that goal. What aspects of our lives fall under the umbrella of “Wellness”? When focusing on one facet of our health, what do we neglect and ignore? What does it mean to leave a balanced lifestyle, and what are the effects, if any, on falling out of balance? What part does art play in making or fixing certain lifestyle choices? Many of the artists in this exhibit showcase different understandings of health and wellness — the wellness of a person, an animal, and even nature itself, and the interaction and relationship between all three. The artwork demonstrates how art can help us both understand and represent the concept of wellness.
Unbound Visual Arts (UVA) is a 5-year-old local 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of artists and art enthusiasts based in Allston-Brighton. UVA enriches the community with educational and inspiring art exhibitions and programs. UVA has completed over 65 curated educational art exhibitions in 11 locations across 8 communities and has over 160 members and supporters. To learn more, visit unboundvisualarts.org or call 617-657-4278

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