KỆ: History of Now – a collection of artists books from Vietnam

September 8 – October 1, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 5 -7 pm

What is Kệ? In Vietnamese, kệ means bookshelf and it also means “(I) do not care”. The careless attitude is criticized as irresponsible manner among millennials in Vietnam. Yet when spoken, “kệ” – as “I don’t care” shows a determined mindset of a person who is ready to reject the old traditions in order to express anew.

Nhung Walsh started the Vietnam Artists Book Project in 2012. Now in its 5th version, the Kệ exhibition entitled History of Now will introduce artists books by artists from Vietnam to American audience for the first time. The exhibition focuses on variations of histor(ies) and shows different artworks in the format of artists books, zines, and independent art publications.

Kệ exhibition in the US also marks the start of IAP’s new program focuses on art and publications. The program will engage artists in Vietnam and the US, focus on art books as communication with broader audiences everywhere. Please join us to experience art in book format, where you can touch, listen to, and feel the artworks!

This exhibition is organized by the Indochina Arts Partnership, the Vietnam Artists Book Projects at the Wedeman Gallery of the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center.
Curated by Nhung Walsh
Assisted by C. David Thomas, Vladimir Zimakov, Maria Sowter, Richard Tran, and the gallery staff
Designed by Lys Bui

Selected artworks are available for sale to raise fund for the Indochina Arts Partnership.


Ke-History of Now

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