January 23 – February 10, 2018

Artists’ Reception: Sunday, January 28, 5 – 7pm

In celebrating 128 years of fostering public awareness of and interest in visual art by women artists, A Parallel Presence: Tradition Meets Innovation showcases current members of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA) MA Chapter whose work represents this divergent group of women. Our traditions inspire our style, subject, and medium and also encourage and nourish us as artists. The parallel presence of influential predecessors, e.g. Alice Neel, Richard Diebenkorn, Blanche Lazzell, combined with the artists’ creations is what makes this potential show exciting. These artists live life with satisfaction, sticking to their ideals and never changing their art to please others. Alice Neel’s words “All experience is great providing you live through it” are evident in the strength, vision and beauty of this exhibition.

Featuring artwork by:

Joan Appel, Merry Beninato, Lorrie Berry, Dale Sherman Blodget, Donna Caseldon, Anita Cohen, Sandrine Colson, Jennifer Costello, Terry Del Percio, Elena du Plessis, Cheryl Dyment, Karen Fitzgerald, Sue Funk, Lisa Goren, Mary Hurwitz, Ingrid Johnson, Mary V Judge, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, Lisa Marder, Kathleen Miller, Silvina Mizrahi, Sinikka Nogelo, Marsha Nouritza Odabashian, Emily Passman, Ilene Richard, Beverly Rippel, Karen Rovner, Susan Scavo Gallagher, Rosalie Sidoti, Susan Siegel, Linda Snider-Ward, Robin Thornhill, Betty Usdan-Zwickler, Larisa Waya, Christine Whalen-Waller




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